Behavioural Intervention

Behavioural Intervention is for children between the ages of 3 to school entry. In this case, the children are believed to have (or have been diagnosed with) one or more of a range of disabilities that present challenging behaviours. We work with you and your child in your home. We assess your child and create an individual support plan for your family. Our Interventionist monitors your child's development during this critical period. This program is centred on your child. We offer you and your family strategies and ideas you can use to help your child develop appropriate social behaviour.

Mary Cunningham – 


Kings Early Years Screening for School

Any 3-year-old living in Kings County can be registered to attend a KEYSS clinic. Through KEYSS, we offer you valuable information on children's preschool behaviours and how ready your child is to start school. We also help you learn about healthy living, physical activity and child safety. We will screen your child for pre-school development, and we will assess hearing, speech and vision. We can also tell you about programs and services in Kings County that may be useful for your child.

KEYSS Coordinator:  Chelce Cyr -        Registration Form

Please click here for information/dates for the Kings Early Years Screening for School (KEYSS) clinics in Kings County for 2018.

Please click here for information/dates for the Wellness Clinics being held in West Hants for 2018.  Please note:  There is a change to the date and place for the clinic that was to be held on November 9th at Three Mile Plains School.  It is now being held on November 5th at the West Hants Family Resource Centre.  No longer a clinic on November 9th at Three Mile Plains School.                       

All programs are free of charge to families

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