Chairperson:  Grace Moores

Vice-Chairperson:  Jeannie Muggah

Treasurer:  vacant

Secretary:  Laetitia Booysen

Board Members: Debra Sundstrom, Ted Muggah, Dr. Michael Nash, Corrine Langley Mayfield

Executive Director
Barbara Crouse, Ex-Officio


Executive Committee
Grace Moores, Jeannie Muggah, Laetitia Booysen and Barbara Crouse

Finance Committee
Grace Moores, Barbara Crouse and Myrna Verge

Personnel Committee
Grace Moores, Debra Sundstrom, Laetitia Booysen, and Barbara Crouse

Fundraising Committee
Entire Board of Directors

Nominating Committee
Grace Moores, Ted Muggah, and Jeannie Muggah

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