The Impact of Early Intervention

Early Intervention provides support and services to families with a young child – up to school age – who is developing more slowly than other children the same age. Early Intervention benefits more than just the children and families involved with the program. It also benefits the community and the economy. Every $1 invested in Early Intervention creates a return of at least $7 in lower spending on public and health services throughout the child's whole life. The earlier the investment is made, the higher the return will be, because the critical years for developing a healthy brain are birth to five years.

How you can make a difference

The Behavioural Intervention program is supported through the continued generosity of the Kings County Children's Foundation. To fully fund our valued programs, our Board of Directors must raise funds in Kings County and the District of West Hants. We gratefully accept donations from businesses, organizations, and community members.

To make a tax deductible donation, please contact VCDA. 

We want to recognize and thank all those community organizations, Foundations 
and members who support our association and their community.

Kings County
Children's Foundation


The Kings County Children’s Foundation has provided financial support to Valley Child Development since our beginning in 1984. Their generosity and commitment to families and children in Kings County enables our organization to enhance our services for the Early Intervention program. The Foundation fully supports our efforts to provide new services and to fill identified gaps in community services: the Kings Early Years Screening for School program and the Behavioural Intervention program.   

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