All programs

are free
of charge
to families



Valley Child Development provides specialized identification and intervention services for children from two years of age to school entry. 


While honoring of Dr. Barbara Archibald, VCDA entends to leave a positive impact on children, families and the greater community by:

* Participating in a logical continuum of supported services for the development of the child and family

* Providing innovative, specialized programming for preschool children with emotionally and behavioural challenges to reach their best possible outcomes.

* Building collaborative relationships with community partners and other professionals.


We believe:

* The earlier the intervention, the better the outcome.
* An attachment-based developmental approach is key in fostering strong relationships in the family and supporting the social-emotional development of young children.

* Every parent has the intention to support their child in achieving full potential.

* In the strength of the parent-child relationship and the value of this strength in assisting the family to reach their full potential.

* Children learn best in their natural environment through daily routines.


Do you think your family could benefit from our services? Here's what you can do:

Contact the Valley Child Development Association to learn more about what we offer. Together,
we'll decide if a home visit or meeting could help us find out if we're the right match for your
family and child. You can also contact your family doctor for advice or a referral.


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