Kings Early Years Screening for School (KEYSS), in partnership with the Annapolis Valley Regional School Board, Kingstec ECE Program, and many community partners, are pleased with the great turnout of children and families for the KEYSS clinics. Registration for the KEYSS clinics has begun.
What is a Kings Early Years Screening for School (KEYSS) clinic?

School is a big change for preschool children. KEYSS clinics help to make this transition period easier for all involved. A KEYSS clinic offers parents valuable information on topics like preschool behaviours, school readiness, healthy living, physical activity and safety. Stations on preschool development, hearing, speech and vision are available, with professionals that can direct families to available programs and services in Kings County. Friendly professionals provide active and interesting stations for children and parents. . It is delivered through partnerships with several community programs and services such as the Nova Scotia Community College- Kingstec Campus, Nova Scotia Hearing and Speech, Mental Health Services and the Family Resource Center. KEYSS clinics take place in October and November at nine schools in Kings County. This program has been offered to the community since 2007 and funded by the Kings County Children's Foundation since 2008.

Thank you to Kings County Children's Foundation for funding the KEYSS clinics!

Who normally comes to a KEYSS clinic?
A KEYSS clinic is for any three old child in Kings County. The child and parent/caregiver come together to a clinic.

How long would I be there with my child?
A parent or caregiver bring a child to a clinic and are there for about an hour and a half to two hours.

What is the reason for these clinics?
The reasons we have these clinics are:
• To provide information to parents/caregivers to help their child be ready for school.
• Assist families in knowing what programs and services are available in Kings County for all preschool children.
• If a child is experiencing any developmental delays or difficulties, the family can be directed towards a helpful service provider in the community.

When and where are the clinics?
KEYSS clinics happen in nine schools in Kings County, and clinics will take place in the FALL of 2016.

What are the 'Clinics' like?
At the clinic the parent/caregiver and child will be greeted at the door and the child will be given a school bus to wear. As each station is visited, a sticker is placed in the window of the school bus. The parents can receive information at each booth, and have the opportunity to speak various professionals regarding their child's development. Pictures will also be taken (with signed parental consent) and given to the parents at check-out so that the child can review their visit to "big kid school" at home with other relatives. The parents will receive a take-home information package, along with information from each individual station. At the check-out station, the parent/caregiver will be asked to fill out a feed-back form.

How should I register my child?
Registration begins in September 2016!
You can also register by clicking HERE or by contacting Chelce Cyr @ 902-678-6111.

What are the stations?
KEYSS 2012 Community Partners:
Valley Child Development Association - developmental station
KingsTec Early Childhood Education Department - registration, play station, family guides
Annapolis Valley Regional School Board - hosts clinics, Reading, and School Readiness
Annapolis Valley Child and Youth Mental Health - preschool behaviours station
Kings County Family Resource Centre - preschool programs station
Annapolis Valley Regional Library - literacy and preschool programs station
Valley Community Learning Association - family literacy station
Early Childhood Development Support Centre - Kingstec - childcare facility station
Valley Dentists and dental hygienists - dental health station
Scotian Gold - apples

Contact information for Registration for KEYSS Clinics:
Chelce Cyr - KEYSS Coordinator
Valley Child Development Association
(902) 678-6111

All programs are free of charge to families

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